Meet Dr. Shaun Lee

 Meet Dr. lee After practicing dentistry for about 20 years, I’ve come to know what my patients, and their families, expect from their dental provider. I work hard to make sure that my patients are completely satisfied with their dental care and that they love the outcome. It is extremely gratifying to know that I am able to make such a significant difference in the lives and smiles of my patients.

I attended Loma Linda University, where I completed my Doctorate of Dental Surgery. Modern dentistry has come a long way. Today’s treatments are comfortable, efficient, and provide long-lasting results. To stay current with the ever-changing treatment methods and techniques, I participate in local study clubs to continue my education in dentistry trends and implantology.


I was born in South Korea and lived in the Bay Area of California for 30 years before moving to Washington State. My wife, Heather, and I have two children, Austin and Allyson. I cherish the time spent with my family, and enjoy traveling and playing golf.

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